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Free Deezer Accounts

Deezer is the most downloaded music app for android and iOS. Everyone knows why Deezer ranks first in the music category because every song in the world is available for free here. Deezer is available on all platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the web. You can even play songs in any browser by going to

Everyone should have a music app on their smartphone.
Youtube is the best app for watching music, but you cannot run youtube in the background and it may consume more internet charges as the screen is off and you will be watching videos on youtube.
Deezer is a complete music streaming app, allowing you to create a playlist and watch any song for free.

We share Deezer premium accounts with our readers for free. You can use the accounts shared below as you wish.

Method of getting free accounts from Deezer

1- Using the Deezer trial

This process is very simple.
Sign up for Deezer and start a 1-month trial by selecting the premium option.
Congratulations you have a 1 monthly premium account.
Remember: You must cancel your subscription before your trial ends. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fee.

2- Getting premium accounts using the site

By using our site, you can get premium accounts belonging to Deezer and for Music and all platforms other than Deezer. How will you do this?
Sign up for here.
Select the Deezer platform and click the generate button.
Congratulations you got an account.
You can use this account as long as you want without changing the password.

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