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Funimation Productions, LLC is a US based anime and movie distributor and streaming company. The company was founded by Gen Fukunaga on May 9, 1994 and is one of the leading distributors of anime and other foreign entertainment programs in North America.

Are you looking for a variety of new animated series or hoping to see old choices? You want to be familiar with many streaming facilities and Funimation is one of them. By using Funimation Premium Accounts, you can enjoy unlimited animated movies anytime and anywhere.

  • Note: In this article, we offer a free account generator for Funimation.

Funimation has a large collection of large HD, ad-free anime appearance movies, extras, OVAs and the most popular, most popular TV series such as Black Clover, Fruits Basket, Demon Slayer, Brotherhood and Black Butler and Attack on Titan, and much more


Free Funimation Premium Preview

Access to the Funimation app and website is currently only available in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland and New Zealand. Everything you need to know about Funimation Premium Accounts is here. Let's read more to get free Funimation Premium Accounts.


How to Get Funimation Premium Subscription With Payment?

Funimation Premium Plans Pricing

Funimation has three subscription packages to choose from.
Premium package Monthly: $ 5.99
$ 59.99 per year
Premium Plan Subscription: $ 7.99
$ 79.99 per year
An annual subscription available for the Premium plus Ultra plan only at a price of $ 99.99.



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